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Dominique Antoinette Roberts is a self-taught, contemporary artist born and raised in Hyattsville, Maryland, just ten minutes from our nation's capital. As a child, she was exposed to the many museums and monuments that Washington, D.C. has to offer and quickly grew to love the arts. She soon developed the passion for sketching and drawing and was encouraged to pursue these talents. 

Dominique was accepted to the University of Maryland, College Park campus pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts where she developed a new found love for acrylic painting. As a graduate, Dominique combined her natural and acquired artistic talents and used them as a positive outlet, creating a timeline of the ever-changing events that occurred in her life.

She enjoys experimenting with different subject matters, different materials, and watching the vibrant colors come to life. Her works express her passion, thoughts, feelings, and convey personal stories and hopes that they move others in some way. 
Dominique currently resides in Jacksonville, North Carolina with her husband and four children where they inspire her daily to follow her dreams. For pricing and details on original artwork, provide your information on the Contact page, or email me at

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